Times and Prices

Boxing Sessions

No experience needed. No joining fee. Gloves supplied.

No need to book!

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Boxing Groups

Cadets (5 – 9)

Tuesday & Thursday @ 5pm

A fun based none contact boxing class suitable for all children. The sessions are friendly and relaxed and focus on developing the key skills of boxing. The class is led by head coach Mark Bebbington and aims to make every session as enjoyable as possible for his youngest members.


Juniors (10 – 15)

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday @ 6pm // Saturday @ 10am

A class which still focuses on the key skills of boxing, the aim of development here is for members to continue to develop technical skills and start to understand tactical aspects of this boxing. It is at this stage where young members will also work on improving physical fitness and factors such as balance and coordination.


Youth (10 – 15)

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:30pm // Friday @ 7pm // Saturday @ 1pm

Like the Junior sessions we also focus on the key skills of boxing within the youth sessions but with an emphasis on competition including sparring. ‘Skills’ bouts are available from ages 10 to 15 and this is the focus for many of the youth members before moving onto scoring bouts.

Adults (16+)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday @ 7pm // Saturday @ 1pm

Benefiting from a range of experienced coaches, the adult’s sessions prove popular within the club and we welcome a wide range of members into our sessions who all work together. Whilst enjoyable, the sessions work on improving physical fitness at a high intensity but still allow members to learn new skills, understand and develop their tactical understanding of boxing and contribute to being a part of the NEW ERA BOXING team!

England Boxing Competition (10 – 40)

Proving popular with members who enjoy a challenge, representing the club in competition is available to all members who are in good physical health and dedicate themselves within the sessions. Competitions are staged locally, nationally and even internationally and there are an amazing amount of opportunities to represent the club, region and who knows maybe even their country in recognised competition by England Boxing.

For additional information:
Visit the England Boxing Website.
Visit the GB Boxing Website.



We operate a none subscription based club. This means that everyone is welcome to come along to train as often as they want. No direct debits, no joining fee, just pay as you train. Plan to train often each week? We will fix the price for you.

Club session prices

One session – £4 Cadets, Juniors & Youth

£5 Adults.

Weekly price – £10 Cadets, Juniors and Youth (Up to 5 sessions available)

£12 Adults (Also 5 sessions available)

PT/Group Training